Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The last moment before 24 years !


it is now (during typing), 10 January 2012, 11 :45 pm...
15 minutes more to be the "next" day....

It is really a sad moment. really a good bye for yaaa...
uhhh 23rd !

cuze u will be replaced by another bigger bigger number !
yessssss.. 24th !

it big enough for me...
it seems like make me feel really old older oldest !!!

it's really gone, sadly !

till then, the last wish for u...

GOOD BYE ! :'(

Be matured ! it is a thing that we are willing to accept !
Thanks Allah for the life awarded, for the chance You gave !

I'll b hepi for 24 years in His World actually ! Alhamdulillah.. (:


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